Void Filling Tunnels

Filling in unused tunnels is a critical part of the decommissioning process. Left open, they can pose a variety of safety risks. Unused tunnels pose a safety risk for everyone around them. They can cause sinkholes and other structural damage as the ground above them erode and collapses. They are also dangerous places for exploration and play, but people still seek out these empty caverns to cause mischief or search for adventure.
Decommissioned tunnels must be filled in as soon as possible to avoid sinkholes, danger to explorers, and other risks. FillFoam™ is the best option to do so—it's quick-drying and environmentally friendly, making it ideal for filling large spaces with minimal disruption to nearby areas. FillFoam™ is a cost-effective solution for municipalities that need to fill in decommissioned tunnels.