Located on a busy lake, this boat launch has survived many seasonal changes. Seasonal trends provide high and low water levels, storm surges and ice shoves. From the surface, this appears to be a private boat launch. However what you see is not the original boat launch slab. Under this visible slab is the original slab that had settled significantly and a new ramp was poured over top. For many years, waves have crashed onto the shore line and drained back into the lake. With every wave more and more soil erosion occurred. As the shoreline began to fail, it was built up with additional rip rap. These large rocks created a stronger barrier against the waves and ice, but did not prevent water from shedding down and under the slabs. The home-owner watched year after year as more shoreline eroded under the slabs. They knew the slab needed to be supported so they contacted FillFoam Canada for a solution.

FillFoam Solution

FillFoam™ was installed under the boat launch slabs. This material was pumped as a flowable foam. Six holes were drilled through this thick three foot slab, around five feet apart. The crew started with filling the top of the boat launch and moved down towards the water. While pumping through the bottom drilled holes, air was escaping through the cracks at the bottom of the boat launch under water creating visible bubbles at the surface. While the FillFoam™ was pumped under the slab, the foam started flow-ing to the other drilled holes. This process continued until all the voids under the slabs were effectively filled.


A total of 616 lbs or 88cu ft of FillFoam™ was pumped under the boat launch. This void project was completed in 2 hours and the boat launch was ready to use immediately. FillFoam™ is hydroinsensitive, so water does not impact how the foam cures into a solid foam. After FillFoam™ cures, it is inert and will not changes shape. As the waves crash onto the shore, the water can now drain naturally, uninterrupted by the foam supporting this boat launch. Unlike the soils that settled or eroded, FillFoam™ will hold strong and will not wash away. The homeowners were thrilled with this permanent solution that now supports their property and holding up to the harsh lake conditions.

Boat Launch Repair
Boat Launch Void Filling
Boat Launch Soil Errosion