Alberta Highways had problems with compacting soils leaving important parts of the structure exposed. Because of the situation and its location, conventional solutions were not an option to fix it. They needed to extend the vertical culvert, but filling it with concrete was not feasible. After working closely with the prime contractor and pitching our lightweight, non-exothermic structural FillFoam™ to fill the voids, they knew they had their solution. 

Why FillFoam™?

The client chose our void-filling FillFoam™ solution because: 
• With limited access for large vehicles and concrete trucks in this location, our smaller trucks could easily reach the site.
• The client was confident they would achieve the desired result without compromising on product quality, product function or project timelines.
• Using FillFoam™ as a solution solved something that was almost impossible to do in this situation. If they had used the conventional solution, it could have delayed the project for weeks and cost significantly more to redo work that had already been completed.

Our FillFoam™ Canada experts were able to step in and work with their engineering staff to create a solution where mistakes were not an option while also being significantly under budget with cost and time.

FillFoam Solution

Alberta Highways engineers were very concerned with the long-term stability of the project due to compacting soils under each end of the overpass. FillFoam™ Canada experts analyzed the situation and gave them options when reviewing the specs of our FillFoam™ product.

By extending the vertical culvert with light gauge metal sheeting and creating a tube around the I-beam, we void-filled with FillFoam™ around the structural I-beam to protect it while allowing for flexibility and movement (which was also a requirement). Ridged concrete would not work here.

We then drilled 2- 1” access holes at the top of the tube for the hose to inject the FillFoam™, allowing us to completely fill the space, as per the project specs.

Using FillFoam™, the client saved money and time while achieving the quality this project strictly demanded. If the conventional solution had been attempted, they would have had to deconstruct some of the existing overpasses causing lengthy delays. On a highway project, time and money are always tight, and FillFoam™ “saved the day” with these needed repairs.


The client was very happy with the results of the timelines, cost and quality of the work. For this job, a two-man FillFoam Canada crew was able to complete it in 1 day, which, if attempted with conventional methods, would have set the client back weeks.

Because of the time that was saved, the durability of the foam structure and the mere fact that it will last 490 years, FillFoam Canada was extremely happy with the results attained for the client. We were very pleased to be able to keep the project on track and budget for the client.

Crew working on abandoned culvert
FillFoam culvert fill
Abandoned Culvert under railroad track
Abandoned Culvert under railroad track