A 20-year-old residential pool had settled around the entire perimeter, upwards of 5 inches from end to end. This caused the skimmer pump to start sucking air and for the waterline to be off. The pool was located on the side of a hill, and the soil began to erode, causing the “foundation” of the pool to shift—a common problem for structures built on hillsides.

FillFoam Solution

This project was completed in just one day with four cubic yards of FillFoam™. FillFoam™ Canada was able to save the homeowner the time-consuming and costly repair of reconstructing the pool had it continued to settle.


FillFoam™ Canada was contracted to stabilize the pool. They first installed steel piers under the entirety of the pool to achieve the necessary lift. Next, they strategically drilled five 1-inch holes through the shell of the pool. They then installed four cubic yards of FillFoam™ to fill the void created during the lift. By using FillFoam™, they were able to ensure that the void was completely filled using a minimal amount of holes. FillFoam™ is a two-part mixture of a resin and hardener and was chosen for this project because it does not lift and can flow hundreds of feet from the injection point. This process was important to stabilize the pool before further erosion and prevent costly repairs.

Crew working on abandoned culvert
FillFoam culvert fill
Abandoned Culvert under railroad track