An interior floating slab had been compromised due to a fire riser break. The fire riser ruptured, and flooded out thousands of gallons of water under the slab and created a large void. The Fillfoam Canada contractor was contacted to evaluate the void. 

FillFoam Solution

The FillFoam Canada installer was awarded the job due to the quick and effective void filling solution. First, a portion of the slab was cut out while another portion was deemed salvageable by the engineering firm by use of the FillFoam installment. The installer strategically drilled 84 x 1” holes into the slab to insure proper coverage of the Fillfoam installed. The FillFoam was pumped quickly and safely with zero heat. FillFoam
is the ideal choice for any void. It flowed easily to the deep crevice created.


This void was filled in just one day with 400 lbs. of FillFoam. After the void was filled, a layer of polyurethane foam was installed on top before the concrete was poured above.

Crew working on abandoned culvert
FillFoam culvert fill
Abandoned Culvert under railroad track