Material Data Sheets

Deep Foamjection™
When soil settles, the main issue is the inability of the sub-grade to support the slab or ground above. The job of the sub-grade is to have enough bearing capacity to support the slabs evenly. 
Deep Foamjection™ is the process of injecting a two-part polyurethane foam into de-stabilized soils. The polyurethane foam is injected as a liquid and pushes out and into weak soils. This expansion will take the path of least resistance as it travels through the ground. The expansion will follow voids, fissures or weak/loose soils. As the foam travels, it takes the shape of a tree root. This volume of expanded foam increases the strength and density of the failed soils and adds a solid installed volume of polyurethane foam. 


Deep Foamjection™ Foam is the foam of choice for sub-grade repair. It is a heavy-duty polyurethane foam specifically designed for jobs where water or moisture is present. This polyurethane foam was designed to be set up in the presence of water and to maintain its strength in wetter environments. Deep Foamjection™ Foam can also be used in various applications such as foundations, warehouse footings, tracks, bridges, crossings, culverts, posts & anywhere a weak sub-base is present. 
The slower reaction time makes Deep Foamjection™ Foam great for Deep Foamjection™, allowing the material to spread further before curing. As foam reacts, it will follow vein fissures and voids. This custom-installed solution makes soil stronger.

Polyurethane Foam Characteristics
HMI manufactures a variety of polyurethane foams with different reaction times and strengths. Each is designed for your specific application.


Health Effects: • Polyurethane foam is made of fully reacted polymers and is considered a non-hazardous material per OSHA 29 CFR1910.1200.• The main adverse health effects of cured polyurethane are related to dust generated by sanding, grinding or cutting the cured foam. Like sawdust or other fine powders, dust from polyurethane foam may irritate respiratory organs, eyes, and skin. When fabricating or cutting polyurethane foam, protective gloves, eye protection, and a dust mask should be worn. • Is not listed as a carcinogen (NTA, IARC, OSHA).
Ecological Information: • Not a marine pollutant. • Will not bio-accumulate. • No mobility within the soil. 
Disposal: • Can be disposed of as regular industrial waste, complying with local, provincial and federal regulations.

RR600: Physical Properties

Flash Point


Auto Ignition Temp



Dynamic; 380 MPA


10.4 per gallon

Boiling Point

>300° decomposes

Saturated Vapor

>32 µg/m3

Relative Density


Vapor Density



Non Corrosive


Non Toxic


Physical State





Slightly Musky

GeoFoam Soilbinder in stone

519 psi


GeoFoam Soilbinder in sands

783-2831 psi



RR600 HMI soil binder is a low viscosity single component polyurethane that is designed to stabilize and bind loose soils. When the resin is pumped into loose soils, it reacts with the moisture and expands to fill voids and form a watertight barrier. 

Cure Time

Results may varyFactors that affect the cure timeMoisture present % of catalyst used

Lab Results in Sand                        % of Catalyst Cure Time


4 hrs 58 min


24 min


23 min


19 min


16 min


8 min



Loose Sands

Sea Walls

Concrete Floors


Helical Piers

The Power of Foam

Providing Innovative and Environmentally Friendly Solutions to Meet even the Most Challenging Requirements.

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