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Project designs often call for a variety of informed solutions. Allow FillFoam™ Canada to help evaluate your project, we will help you understand the existing soils, structures, and failure points to show you an effective solution. We offer various products to fit your project needs. With one or many of our innovative products, you can stabilize soils, increase load-bearing capacity and reposition slabs and structures back to their original position.  We rely on advanced technologies to evaluate and recommend project designs, allowing our talented team to review your project. A complete understanding of the problem will allow for a customized solution.


Left: 2D analysis showing the analyzed surfaceRight: 3D analysis showing the analyzed surface

Vectorial System.

Understanding conditions above and below the surface is essential to designing an effective repair strategy. It is also essential to consider how soils and moisture behaved that caused the failure. Knowing these details can guide the types of materials used, where to put the materials and estimate how much material will be necessary. Not incorporating this engineering knowledge into a repair strategy could lead to insufficient repairs. We have access to innovative systems for sophisticated evaluation.


Precision = 0.0004m


High-Frequency Microwave Definition.

The study of High-Frequency Microwaves allows us to know the surface strata of the soil. Our process measures 10,000 million signals per second bouncing off the sub-floor, pavement, dirt and interior layers of concrete and masonry structures. Microwaves are measured and compared to mathematical models. The analysis of the data it generates allows it to visualize and analyze the characteristics of these elements and determine the thicknesses.

Left: Polymer Free ModelingRight: Polymer Modeling


Seismic Accelerometer

Finite Element Modeling Examples.

Our geophysical analyses allow engineers to anticipate how the improvements will behave using modelling. Models demonstrate how a runway behaves before repair and how we can expect the ground to behave after repairs are implemented. Similar models can show how a structure will behave with or without repair in a seismic event.