Foundation Backfilling with FillFoam™

Foundation Backfilling with FillFoam™

When we think of foundations, we often think of the concrete slab that supports a home or building, but this is only part of the story. The other half is the soil around the foundation to keep it stable and prevent water from entering through cracks in the walls or foundation. When building a new property or preparing an existing one for renovations, proper backfilling can make all the difference between success and failure. Sometimes during construction, foundations are improperly backfilled, which can lead to sinking, and settling and can cause potential structural damage to your home. Traditionally foundation backfilling is done with soil or gravel, but we have a better solution. FillFoam™! If you want to know why FillFoam™ is the ideal product for foundation backfilling, keep reading!

Why Does a Foundation Need to be Backfilled?

Foundation backfilling is a vital part of maintaining your home's structural integrity. As your home ages, the foundation can begin to settle, which means it will slowly sink into the ground as time goes on. Foundation backfilling prevents this settling by filling any holes and gaps around your home's perimeter with soil or gravel so that it is well-supported and no moisture can get through. Foundation backfilling will help protect against mould growth or wood rot due to moisture damage and can also help prevent potential flooding during heavy rains or snow melt. Sand or gravel can wash away due to erosion and other environmental factors, leaving your home vulnerable to damage. FillFoam™ is impervious to water and the elements, making it the ideal product for foundation backfilling. 

Foundation Backfilling with FillFoam™

Foundation backfilling with FillFoam™ is a revolutionary new way to fill in voids and create a solid foundation for your home. This foam expands and fills any voids around your foundation, creating a strong support for your foundation. FillFoam™ is a durable material that provides support and helps stabilize your foundation. FillFoam™ is long-lasting and resistant to erosion and other environmental factors. The most significant benefit of FillFoam™ is that it lasts for years or even decades. If you are looking for a strong and long-lasting solution for your foundation backfilling project, then FillFoam™ is the ideal product. 

The Benefits of FillFoam™ for Foundation Backfilling

FillFoam™ is a pre-expanded open-cell foam formula and has perfect characteristics for backfilling foundations. FillFoam™ is made of resin pre-expanded with air and is combined with a hardener that completes the compound. FillFoam™ is known for its ability to protect and support a building's foundation, walls and sub-structure from damages caused by ongoing sinking, settling, cracking and shifting of concrete foundation walls or slabs. FillFoam™ is more lightweight and longer lasting than soil or gravel, so it will not sink or settle over time. FillFoam™ provides superior thermal and acoustic properties that outperform traditional closed-cell foams. This makes Fillfom™ the best choice for property owners looking for high-quality solutions to foundation backfilling challenges. 

FillFoam™ is Superior to Traditional Backfilling Methods

FillFoam™ is an ideal backfill material for foundation repair and other projects. It's superior to sand, soil or gravel because it's more lightweight, cost-effective and easier to install. FillFoam™ is more effective than gravel at filling voids around your foundation because it has a unique ability to create a strong seal against moisture and water infiltration. This helps prevent damage from occurring inside your home, which can be costly if you have to have the entire structure repaired again in the future. FillFoam™ is also more cost effective than traditional backfilling methods because it lasts longer than other fill materials like aggregate or soil. This means you will not need to repeat the process, saving you money!

FillFoam™ Canada Can Help With Your Next Foundation Backfilling Project

If you're looking for a way to backfill your foundation, so it lasts, FillFoam™ is the ideal option. With so many benefits, it's easy to see why many property owners are choosing FillFoam™ for foundation backfilling. At FillFoam™ Canada, we specialize in void-filling projects for residential and commercial clients, regardless of their size or challenge. If you need your foundation backfilled or have another void-filling project, we can help! Contact us today!