Soil Stabilization Using FillFoam™

Soil Stabilization Using FillFoam™

Soil stabilization is a crucial part of any infrastructure construction project. Unstable soil does not stay in place and causes concrete slabs on top of it to require extra support. Unstable soil can threaten the stability and safety of infrastructure. It can damage, degrade, and even destroy the foundation of many structures, such as buildings, bridges, grain bins, airfields and highways and roadways. Many factors cause soil to become unstable, including erosion, poor compaction during construction, freeze/thaw cycles, and soil that is too wet or dry. Unstable soil can be a dangerous problem, but we have the perfect solution! FillFoam™! So what is soil stabilization using FillFoam™? Read on to find out!

FillFoam™ is a patented pre-expanded open/closed resin blown cell foam formula with the perfect characteristics for any void-filling application. FillFoam™ does not lose volume when pumped in confinement, making it the ideal product to stabilize weak soils. No heat is created during installation, making it safe to install at any rate or quantity. FillFoam™ is hydro-insensitive and can absorb excess water from overburdened soil. It is also UV-resistant and isn't affected by seasonal changes. FillFoam™ is lightweight and robust and can even be excavated and recycled if necessary. FillFoam™ will fill any voids in the soil, create a solid base for concrete slabs of any size, and prevent further compaction and settling.

The soil stabilization process using FillFoam™ is quick and efficient. The injection process begins with assessing the area using a penetrometer test to determine where and at what depths the unstable soils are present. We then drive rods through the concrete slab or into the soil at the depths where soil stabilization is required. FillFoam™ is then injected and flows through the weak soil, taking the path of least resistance. As the FillFoam™ spreads, it begins to expand and forms a tree root-like structure. This structure effectively compacts the soil and binds loose soils to create a stable, solid sub-base. The rods are then pulled from the ground, and the holes are patched. FillFoam™ eliminates the need for excavating, backfilling, and compaction from the surface. The soil has been stabilized from below, and support has been restored for concrete slabs, buildings, roadways, airfields, grain bins and more! 

FillFoam™ is an environmentally friendly product. It is made from organic material rich in nitrogen and is harmless to the environment. FillFoam™ is biodegradable and requires no chemicals during installation, so it has no toxic emissions or residuals. It can even be removed and re-purposed to grow plants! Soil stabilization using FillFoam™ is less invasive to the environment because there is little to no on-site excavation. FillFoam™ is transported as a concentrate, so it also cuts down on trucking and transport pollution than alternatives. You can be assured that your soil stabilization project will be sustainable with minimal environmental impact.

On top of its environmentally friendly aspects, there are many other benefits of using FillFoam™ for soil stabilization. It is durable, lightweight, solvent-free, non-toxic and inert, non-flammable, and rot-resistant to salt and fresh water. FillFoam™ can also absorb and retain water from overburdened soils. Carrying this extra weight from water does not impact the strength or structure of the foam. Soil stabilization using FillFoam™ is a more cost-effective and long-lasting soil stabilization method. With FillFoam™, you can stabilize the soil while building up to grade. This means that construction can proceed faster than with other methods. FillFoam™ is a safe solution that effectively stabilizes weak soils so they can support highways and other structures when other solutions don't work.

FillFoam™ is the most efficient way to stabilize weak soil. It is environmentally friendly and can be used in many locations without causing harm. It is fast and easy to install, and for smaller jobs, it can complete the process in less than an hour. Its applications include slopes and retaining walls, roadways and highways, landfills and dams, storage tanks, airfields, grain bins, seawalls and other structures. The FillFoam™ engineering support team will be with you as you navigate your design and construction project. They are always ready to answer questions about what FillFoam™ products are best for specific applications or may help you figure out how much material you need for your job site! 

At FillFoam™ Canada, we have found FillFoam™ to be a proven solution for unstable soils. Through our supplier, GeoFoam Systems & Supplies, we serve customers in western, central and eastern Canada! Thousands of projects have been completed using FillFoam™, so contact us if you are looking for the best way to stabilize loose soils!