Void Filling Culverts with FillFoam™

Void Filling Culverts with FillFoam™

Provincial and local roadway maintenance can be hard to keep up with, especially when it comes to culverts. When old culverts are abandoned and left unfilled or improperly maintained, they can cause potential hazards to drivers. These hazards include the dangerous collapsing of roadways, standing water on roadways, and pooling water in the culvert, leading to washouts that can damage roads and property. To keep people safe, abandoned culverts must be filled correctly, quickly, and safely. At FillFoam™ Canada, we specialize in void filling for municipal needs, including culverts. 

What is Void Filling?

Void filling is the process of filling voids with a pre-expanded open cell foam. Void filling with FillFoam™ is the ideal solution for filling abandoned culverts of any size. Filling culverts with FillFoam™ eliminates the need for time-consuming demolition and reconstruction work, which would otherwise have been required before void filling could begin. The result is reduced cost and time required to perform repairs at these sites while improving their structural integrity over traditional void filling methods (such as patching).

Why is Void Filling Culverts Important?

The importance of void-filling culverts is evident. Void filling culverts is an essential part of keeping people safe. Abandoned infrastructure like culverts and other underground infrastructure that have been abandoned can cause severe safety hazards if they are not properly decommissioned. To effectively decommission culverts, FillFoam™ is the ideal solution. Void filling with FillFoam™ solves many issues:

  1. Flooding risks are reduced.
  2. Derailments are less likely to happen.
  3. Accidents can be prevented altogether.

Municipalities are responsible for maintaining and repairing culverts. Municipalities could be liable for any injuries or damage they may cause if culverts are not correctly maintained or decommissioned.

What are the Dangers of Damaged Culverts?

When a culvert is damaged or improperly decommissioned, it can cause serious problems. The most apparent consequence of this damage is that it can threaten road users. Damaged culverts under roadways and bridges will not be able to carry traffic safely, which could lead to accidents. Another potential problem with damaged culverts is flooding. If water escapes from the area around the damaged culvert, there's a chance that nearby areas will flood. This can be a problem for people who live in lower-lying areas close to the damaged culvert. The issue also affects structural integrity: if a railway bridge collapses because its structure has been weakened by water damage, it could create further hazards for vehicles passing underneath it and pedestrians crossing over it at street level. FillFoam™ is the ideal way to prevent these issues.

FillFoam™ is the Ideal Solution for Void Filling Culverts

FillFoam™ is a quick and easy way to repair damaged culverts. The product is applied in layers by injecting it into the voids of the structure. Once the foam has been applied, it expands to fill any remaining voids in the structure, forming a solid barrier preventing water from entering and further damaging your railway culvert. FillFoam™ is the perfect solution because it's lightweight and can be easily applied in confined spaces to fill voids. Because FillFoam™ is so lightweight, no additional pressure is put on the culvert, which could cause it to break or collapse and create more significant problems. FillFoam™ is a pre-expanded open cell foam which will take the path of least resistance and fill any cracks, gaps and voids between pieces of concrete or metal if they are present within the structure itself (which would cause flooding/leaking).

FillFoam™ Canada Can Assist with your Void Filling Projects

If you need a culvert properly decommissioned, FillFoam™ Canada can help. We have the right solution for you. FillFoam™ is an environmentally-friendly, cost-effective solution for filling abandoned or damaged culverts. FillFoam™ Canada is a team of experts with over 20 years of experience in the void filling industry. We offer efficient and long-lasting solutions to all void-filling projects across Canada. Contact us today for more information on how we can help with your void-filling needs!