Void Filling of Abandoned Mines with FillFoam™

Void Filling of Abandoned Mines with FillFoam™

Abandoned mines pose a challenge for provincial governments. How do you fill large voids left in the ground after mining operations have closed down? Even though many of these mining operations were active a hundred years ago, they are still a province's responsibility to fill. When these voids aren't filled correctly, they can pose a safety risk to homes, businesses and roadways in their vicinity. However, the problem is that these voids often exist under active roads or over old tunnels or shafts that can't be accessed easily. FillFoam™ Canada offers an innovative void-filling solution to properly decommission abandoned mines. 

Provincial Responsibility to Fill Abandoned Mines

Abandoned mines are mines that are no longer in use. In many cases, the owner cannot be found or is unwilling or financially unable to carry out remediation and site rehabilitation. Many abandoned mine sites were developed decades before environmental impacts were fully understood and modern operating standards were developed. Some of these sites pose environmental, health, safety and economic risks. It is the provincial government's responsibility to ensure these mines are properly decommissioned to ensure the safety of surrounding communities and the environment. Although mining companies are required to work with the provincial government to ensure mines are properly decommissioned, the responsibility for properly decommissioning mines has not traditionally been delegated outside of the government. Fillfoam™ Canada works with mining companies and provincial governments to ensure abandoned mines are properly decommissioned.

The Importance of Filling Abandoned Mines

Without the proper filling of abandoned mines, we would have many more safety hazards on our hands than just sinkholes forming due to poor drainage systems. Mines that have not been properly decommissioned can cause landslides after heavy rains and can cause severe injuries and property loss/damage costs over time. Many abandoned mines provide an ongoing source of acid mine drainage and toxic heavy metals that can have devastating long-term impacts on groundwater, community water supplies, rivers, streams, and aquatic life. Fillfoam™ is the ideal solution for filling abandoned mines

What Is FillFoam™?

FillFoam™ is an environmentally-friendly soil stabilization structural foam used to secure land and prevent erosion and fill voids. Void filling is one of its applications that has been proven successful by municipalities and contractors across Canada, as it can fill large voids quickly. FillFoam™ was designed with the environment in mind as it does not contain chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), sulphur hexafluoride or polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). It also meets all environmental legislation requirements in Canada. FillFoam™ foam is injected into the ground through tiny holes to form a watertight seal that encapsulates any existing oil, water or debris found within. It also stabilizes loose soil around sinkholes and other unstable ground conditions.

The Benefits Of Using FillFoam™ To Fill Abandoned Mines

FillFoam™ is a cost-effective, easy-to-use and environmentally friendly solution that can fill decommissioned mines. The foam can be injected into the voids of old underground mine workings to stabilize soil and stop erosion. It offers a fast installation process, as well as an effective way of stabilizing loose soil that has been exposed by mining operations or has been left uncovered due to rehabilitation failures. FillFoam™ offers many benefits and is ideal for projects where time is at a premium, such as when filling small voids in open-cast mines or coal seams; it's also perfect for larger projects, such as underground mines where there may be multiple entry points into the site which must all be filled with this material quickly before they become inaccessible or start eroding from surface access points due to high winds or rainwater runoff from surrounding hillsides (or other similar circumstances).

FillFoam™ Canada Can Help You Safely Decommission Abandoned Mines

The cost savings, longevity and environmental friendliness associated with the use of FillFoam™ make it an ideal solution for decommissioning abandoned mines. FillFoam™ Canada comprises three companies that have come together with a single objective: Filling voids for residential, municipal, commercial, and industrial applications in Canada. We are a team of polyurethane foam experts with over twenty years of experience in the void-filling industry. We offer innovative and customized solutions to all void-filling projects in Canada. If you have a mine that needs to be decommissioned safely and sustainably, contact us today.