FillFoam™ for Municipal Applications

FillFoam™ for Municipal Applications

Abandoned and decommissioned mines, sewer lines, and culverts can create serious safety hazards and environmental issues. As these underground structures get older and lose stability, they can create voids in the ground below. These voids can cause soil destabilization, sinkholes, and water intrusion, which can be hazardous in public areas. To keep people safe and in the interest of environmental safety, it is essential that municipal councils and asset owners fill abandoned mines, sewers and culverts correctly, quickly, and safely. At FillFoam™ Canada, we specialize in void filling for municipal needs using FillFoam™. FillFoam™ is an innovative product that provides municipalities with a safe and sustainable void-filling solution. 

FillFoam™ is a pre-expanded open-cell formula ideal for all void filling applications. FillFoam™ is made of a pre-expanded resin and a hardener that completes the compound, causing the resin to become completely inert when installed. Because FillFoam™ cells are air-blown, unlike polyurethane foam, there is no chemical reaction, and no heat is created, eliminating the risk of fire. FillFoam™ is safe to install at any rate or quantity and will not lose volume when pumped in confinement, and can expand up to 20 times its original volume, making it perfect for filling voids of all sizes. FillFoam™ is also hydro-insensitive, immune to seasonal changes, lightweight, and durable. FillFoam™ is a fast, safe and cost-effective way for municipalities to fill voids with limited access. 

FillFoam™ is also an environmentally friendly product. It doesn't contain volatile organic compounds and has a low toxicity level. FillFoam™ doesn't emit harmful particles or fumes into the air and doesn't contain any ozone-depleting chemicals. This makes FillFoam™ safe to fill sewers, culverts, and mines without worrying about ground or water pollution. FillFoam™ is an excellent option for municipalities that want to keep their communities safe and care about their environmental impact.

FillFoam™ is the best alternative to traditional void-filling methods. Void filling is a more cost-effective option than excavation, demolition and alternative methods. FillFoam™ is ideal for void filling, but it can also be used for many other municipal applications. FillFoam™ can help control mine ventilation, water leaks and run-off, making it perfect for sewer infrastructure repairs. FillFoam™ can also be used to treat inflow and infiltration issues in man-holes, pipe joints, laterals, and outfalls. FillFoam™ can be used to seal wet wells, pump stations and utility boxes and prevent water from seeping into them. FillFoam™ performs very well in wet conditions and can absorb water from overburdened soils without losing its stability. FillFoam™ is ideal for emergency municipal repairs such as soil stabilization and repairing roadways and highways after extreme weather conditions or natural disasters.

Void filling is an integral part of keeping municipalities safe. Keeping residents and the environment safe are crucial responsibilities for any municipality; this includes properly decommissioning abandoned infrastructure. Sewers, mines, culverts and other underground infrastructure that have been abandoned can lead to severe hazards if not properly decommissioned. The collapse of these underground structures can lead to significant soil destabilization, cause damage to surrounding structures, and become severe safety hazards. To effectively decommission mines, sewers and culverts, FillFoam™ is the ideal solution.

FillFoam™ Canada can help with all your municipal void filling needs. FillFoam™ will provide stability and long-term durability for all void-filling applications. FillFoam™ is the environmentally-friendly, cost-effective solution that many large-scale municipal challenges require. FillFoam™ Canada is a team of experts with over 20 years of experience in the polyurethane industry. We offer efficient and cost-effective solutions to all void-filling projects across Canada. Contact FillFoam™ Canada for all your municipal void filling needs!