Seawall Repairs Using FillFoam™

Seawall Repairs Using FillFoam™

Many homeowners aspire to live on the water. Lake, canal or riverfront living sounds like a dream! And it is, but like all good things, nothing is perfect. Sea Wall maintenance and the land at the water's edge is an ongoing task. If sea walls aren't properly maintained, they can be hazardous to anyone walking on or near them. As soil erodes due to water exposure and other environmental issues like tree roots growing through cracks in your wall, its strength will weaken over time. Replacing a sea wall is expensive. Many have limited access, and the work can only be done with a barge, increasing the price even more. Owners of waterfront property need options. Luckily we have one! Keep reading to learn why FillFoam™ is the ideal product for seawall repairs.

The Cause of Sea Wall Deterioration

Water is the root cause of most concrete settlement problems and the leading cause of sea wall deterioration. With sea walls, the problem is exaggerated as the concrete or stone barrier is constantly exposed to thousands of gallons of water. Deterioration and settlement are usually first visible as the ground behind the sea wall caves in and sink hole like depressions become apparent. Inadequate soil compaction when the sea wall was first put in place can cause many issues, but constant contact with water will result in erosion, voids, inevitable cracks and joints opening over time. Some property owners may try to fill these voids with aggregate, but this will not solve the root cause of the issue. The soil must be stabilized and the void filled to prevent further deterioration and settlement. This is where FillFoam™ comes in.

How to Stabilize Sea Walls.

Soil stabilization is an essential part of seawall repair. Seawalls are designed to withstand the weight of the above-grade structure, but they also need to be able to support the load of precipitation and runoff that can occur during storms. A seawall must have a sturdy foundation to stand up to these forces. A common method of sea wall reinforcement is rip rapping, but this is not a permanent solution. In areas without stable ground below your seawall, you can use FillFoam™. FillFoam™ can be used as a soil stabilizer. Due to its lightweight nature, FillFoam™ will help to increase soil stability around your seawall by helping to prevent soil erosion and soft spots often associated with voids left behind by tree roots and other environmental factors.

FillFoam™ is the Go-To Product for Seawall Repair.

Fill Foam™ foam is a lightweight, open cell foam, environmentally friendly solution which is lightweight and strong. FillFoam™ is hydro-insensitive and UV insensitive, making it ideal for seawall repairs. FillFoam™ is a much better option than traditional rip-rapping because it will not wash away during storms or due to erosion, leaving your seawall fully stabilized. FillFoam™ is a reliable alternative to traditional methods of repairing or stabilizing a damaged seawall due to its high compressive strength characteristics. In addition, FillFoam™ is extremely long-lasting; the foam will not wear away or rot, making FillFoam™ an excellent choice for void filling. This makes FillFoam™ ideal for long-term solutions where maintenance costs must be kept down while still providing high-performance results throughout its lifetime.

Choose FillFoam™ Canada for Your Sea Wall Repairs.

A seawall is essential for any waterfront property, as it protects your home from flooding. When applied correctly, FillFoam™ can reinforce existing sea walls and fill cracks that have been compromised by erosion or other factors like age or weathering damage over time. Waterfront property comes with unique problems that can be very expensive to repair. FillFoam™ is an ideal and cost-effective alternative for property owners who are living the nightmare and not the dream. With all these benefits combined, it only makes sense for homeowners to choose fill foam over traditional rip-rap methods when building or repairing their seawalls! FillFoam™ Canada can assist you with your sea wall repairs. We have locations in western, central and eastern Canada, so matter where you are, we can help! Contact us today for your sea wall repair needs.