Void Filling Sinkholes with FillFoam™

Void Filling Sinkholes with FillFoam™

Picture it, a giant hole opens up in the ground and swallows up the buildings, houses and trees around it. This may sound like a scene from a disaster movie, but sinkholes can and do happen in many places around the world. For most Canadians, natural disasters like sinkholes are something that usually happens far away, and we only read about them. But you may be surprised to learn that sinkholes are not a rare occurrence in Canada. Sinkholes can occur for various reasons, and once they do, they cause serious safety hazards. To keep your property and the people using it safe, sinkholes must be filled quickly and correctly. But how do you fill sinkholes and prevent them from forming again? With Fillfoam™! Fillfoam™ is the ideal void-filling solution for sinkholes, and the experts at FillFoam™ Canada are here to tell you why! Read on to learn more.

What are Sinkholes, and Why are They Dangerous?

Sinkholes are a geological phenomenon where the ground suddenly and unexpectedly collapses, creating a hole. Various factors, such as water erosion, chemical dissolution, or human activity, can cause sinkholes. These holes can vary in size from meters to hundreds of meters wide. Sinkholes can be categorized into three types: dissolution sinkholes, cover-subsidence sinkholes, and cover-collapse sinkholes. The most dangerous aspect of sinkholes is that they often go undetected until it's too late. Because they're not always visible on the surface, people can fall into them without realizing that they're standing above a large void in the ground. In addition to being potentially deadly, these holes also pose other dangers: they can cause roads to collapse or cave in on top of vehicles, damage water and sewer lines, and even threaten buildings or other structures near where they form. 

What are the Warning Signs of Sinkholes?

As we mentioned above, sinkholes can often go unnoticed until it is too late. However, there are some telltale warning signs that sinkholes are forming on your property. Some of the most common warning signs of sinkholes are:

  1. Cracks around the door and window frames
  2. An increasing number of exposed tree roots on your property
  3. Cracks in your foundation, walls, or swimming pool
  4. Sagging fence posts, utility poles or trees, or loosening of the soil around them
  5. Sloping floors
  6. Problems closing doors or windows
  7. Growth of depressions in the ground on your property
  8. Separation of walls from the floor or ceiling

These signs could indicate that a sinkhole is forming beneath the ground around your home or business. If left untreated, sinkholes can lead to safety hazards for people and may also lead to buildings becoming uninhabitable. To prevent injury and further damage, sinkholes should be filled as soon as any of these signs are noticed. This is where Fillfoam™ comes in. Fillfoam™ is the ideal solution for filling sinkholes and stabilizing the soil around them to prevent further collapse. 

Why is Void Filling Sinkholes Important?

Void-filling sinkholes is an essential part of keeping people safe and preventing other issues that can be caused by them. Sinkholes can cause many other issues aside from damaging buildings and harming people. Some of the most common issues that sinkholes can cause are

  1. Sinkholes can destroy highways and roadways
  2. Sinkholes can cause water quality problems
  3. Injury or death
  4. Damage or destruction of entire homes or buildings

To effectively fill sinkholes and prevent further damage, FillFoam™ is the ideal solution. Fillfoam™ offers many benefits for filling sinkholes over traditional void-filling methods.

FillFoam™ is the Best Solution for Void Filling Sinkholes

FillFoam™ is a pre-expanded open-cell foam and is a quick, easy and long-lasting way to fill sinkholes. Fillfoam™ is applied by pumping it directly into the sinkhole in layers. Once the foam has been pumped into the sinkhole, it expands to fill the void and forms a strong base and a solid barrier that will prevent water from entering and causing the sinkhole to get worse. FillFoam™ is the perfect solution for void-filling sinkholes because it's durable, lightweight and environmentally friendly. Because FillFoam™ is so durable and water resistant, it reduces the chance of the sinkhole getting bigger and causing more damage. Fillfoam™ also has soil stabilization properties that help reinforce the ground around the sinkhole that also help prevent it from forming again. These properties make Fillfoam™ the ideal method for filling sinkholes and many other types of voids. 

FillFoam™ Canada Can Fill Sinkholes on Your Property with Fillfoam™

While you may not be able to prevent sinkholes initially, you can take steps to prevent them from worsening and opening again. FillFoam™ is a durable, environmentally-friendly, cost-effective solution for filling sinkholes. At FillFoam™ Canada, we have over 20 years of experience in the void-filling industry. We offer efficient and long-lasting solutions to all void-filling projects across Canada. We serve customers in western, central and eastern Canada. If you have a sinkhole on your residential or commercial property that needs to be filled, FillFoam™ Canada can help! Contact our team today for more information on how we can help with your void-filling needs!