The Benefits of FillFoam™ for Void Filling

The Benefits of FillFoam™ for Void Filling

Voids are a relatively common problem in Canada. Voids beneath structures like homes, buildings, roads and highways, warehouses and other similar construction projects can cause serious safety hazards. Many factors cause voids to form in the ground. Natural factors like erosion and the natural freeze/ thaw cycle and man-made issues like poor soil compaction and poor drainage systems are common causes of voids. Whatever the cause, voids need to be filled quickly and efficiently to prevent safety hazards. But what is the best way to fix them? The void-filling experts at FillFoam™ Canada have the best solution for you! We're here to tell you about the benefits of FillFoam™ for void-filling and why it is the best solution to fill voids in residential, commercial, industrial, municipal and agricultural settings. Read on to learn more!

What is FillFoam™?

FillFoam™ is a pre-expanded open-cell foam that's ideal for void-filling applications. Its unique properties make it suitable for many situations and applications, including mines, culverts, abandoned tanks and pipes, highways, airports, grain bins, wells, seawalls, sinkholes, foundation backfilling, and more! Without the bi-product of heat, FillFoam is the safest and fastest way to fill voids and cavities with limited access quickly and efficiently. Unlike Polyurethane foam that is 'blown' with a chemical reaction using water or gas, FillFoam is air blown. FillFoam™ has several benefits over traditional void-filling methods. Let's get into them.

The Benefits of FillFoam™ for Void Filling

As we stated, FillFoam™ comes with many benefits over traditional void-filling methods. Methods like mudjacking or using sand, gravel or even concrete to fill voids are not permanent solutions. These materials are subject to the same issues that caused the voids initially. FillFoam™ is a permanent void-filling solution. Let's take a closer look at why it is the perfect product for void-filling.

FillFoam™ is Long-Lasting and Durable

FillFoam™ is a long-lasting and durable product. It has a long lifespan and can last hundreds of years, even in extreme weather conditions. The durability of this material comes from its closed-cell structure. It will not change shape or be affected by water in the soil. In fact, it can cure in water and absorb water from overburdened soils to prevent future voids from forming. FillFoam™ has variable densities from 10-50 PSI and can support the weight of large structures. It will also increase the load-bearing capacity of soils, making it ideal for soil stabilization applications as well. FillFoams™ long lifespan and durability make it ideal for applications such as highways and roads, bridges, culverts and abandoned mines

FillFoam™ is Environmentally Friendly

FillFoam™ is environmentally friendly, made from recycled materials and safe for the environment. FillFoam™ is non-toxic and made with no harsh chemicals that can affect the environment around it. FillFoam™ is an organic material. When mixed and installed, the only by-product it creates is water. Once cured, FillFoam™ is nitrogen-rich and completely harmless to the environment. FillFoam™ can even be used to grow plants in agricultural settings. FillFoam™ can also be excavated and recycled in necessary, adding to its environmental benefits. The environmental friendliness of FillFoam™ makes it ideal for residential applications like sinkholes, foundation backfilling, and soil stabilization projects.

FillFoam™ is Resistant to Water and the Elements.

FillFoam™ is resistant to water and the elements. Being a water-based foam, it is not affected by water, humidity or temperature. This makes it ideal for void-filling applications requiring moisture resistance. FillFoam™ is unaffected by seasonal changes like the natural freeze/thaw cycle and can help reduce the effects of frost heave. FillFoams™ hydro insensitivity and UV resistance mean it will last for lifetimes without needing to be replaced. This makes FillFoam™ perfect for applications such as seawalls, pipes, tanks, wells and other applications where it is present.

FillFoam™ Canada Can Help You with all Your Void-Filling Needs.

FillFoam™ Canada is a Canadian-owned company that specializes in void-filling. We serve residential, commercial, industrial, municipal and agricultural customers across Canada. We have locations in western, central and eastern Canada and have successfully completed many void-filling projects. The team at FillFoam™ Canada is available to help you with your void-filling needs, no matter how big or small! Contact us today!